I love my country.

From being a not so good kid to a good citizen, I made my way. Of course, with the help of my parents, some teachers and many good people.

While I am still on this journey, i see my country and the world, which needs help just like I received. I tried to leave it to other sites of this kind, and there are literally many. My inner urge to take part in this journey to help myself by helping others got this site of my freedom back again to me.

I registered this domain SupportingIndia.org first in 2006 or 2007, when I was 20 with a view to help people who surf web with positive news, articles, etc. My day job was overwhelming I lost track of this thought. After a decade, I still found this domain like a long lost dream came back.

I hope this time, I try my best to keep it active and useful.