The website supportingindia.org is not any organization’s website. I am an individual and Kam Genie is my pen name.

I love my country like millions of others do. I feel, my beloved country India and my fellow brothers and sisters need inspiration, motivation and optimism. I too, while living my life, feel i fall short at times for the challenges at hand, and some good readings or YouTube videos or books help me get back up without losing hope and continue further on my pursuits. There are thousands of people providing such good work, and we are in crores. This little bit of a contribution from me will add up to making my country great.

Even if my blog/website helps even one person, momentarily, i am happy. More the merrier!!!

I would like to know from you, if you have any feedback. I will use it to draw inspiration to continue or to align myself to the needs to be served.

Btw, I am a family man. And, I am not some extraordinary person to write great things about me. I have certain interests – my country – India, youth of my country, natural farming, agriculture, yoga, meditation, technology, renewable energy, health, happiness & well-being, earning good money, helping as many ready people as possible, pursue some important goals for myself, my family and my India and support them to do great things. So, i try to write about my interests also, in a way that helps fellow Indians. Let’s see, how this small effort will add up to!

Thanks for visiting the website and your feedback.

Let’s make a Great India!

P.S: a short story behind this website – it started in 2006 – i was 19 then. It was all about making India excellent, etc. I will park my dreams of that time for a later date – although they are not irrelevant, not required here.

P.P.S: I wanted to change my country for good – life took over massively, many mistakes and right-takes, here I am in 2020 – i am 33 now, again writing!